About us

We have helped authors from Russia and the former Soviet countries translate their books into English and find UK-based publishers.

We translate from Russian to English in-house, or we can arrange for translators from other languages (eg Azerbaijani Turkish) to produce the English text.

Next we edit to make sure the copy is perfect and print ready.

Finally, we liaise with publisher colleagues to have the book printed and distributed in the English speaking world.

Contact sirinbooks@gmail.com or fill in the contact form on this site.

Sirin Books is directed by Caroline Walton who has 25 years' experience as a literary translator. She has translated works by Nursultan Nazarbayev, former President of Kazakhstan, the Kazakh poet Olzhas Suleimenov, the Azerbaijani artist, author and poet Leyla Aliyva and many others.

Caroline is a member of the UK Society of Authors and The Translators Association.

Winner of the Hertfordshire Press Translator of the Year award 2018

Caroline is also an award-winning author, writing and publishing her own books, both commercially and independently.

Her published books are featured below:

Siege of Leningrad

My book about the siege of Leningrad has been published by Asterion Publishing House in St Petersburg to mark the 80th
anniversary of the start of the siege.

“В мире, где жадность, эгоизм и цинизм часто почитаются и
вознаграждаются, блокада Ленинграда навсегда останется свидетельством
того, на что способны люди перед лицом самых тяжёлых испытаний…
Как русские, с их врождёнными качествами душевности и
соборности, как ленинградцы, с их врождённой любовью к культуре и
гуманным ценностям, блокадники торжествовали над тьмой бездны.
Воскресший народ.”

“In this world in which greed, selfishness and cynicism are so often
venerated and rewarded, the siege of Leningrad will stand out forever as
testimony to what human beings are capable of in the face of the most extreme
As Russians, with their innate qualities of dushevnost’ and sobornost’, as
Leningraders, with their innate love of culture and humane values, the
blokadniki triumphed over the darkness of the abyss. A resurrected people.”

My Cossack Family

“Where there was the holodomor, there was my grandfather-in-law Petro who
forgave everything. Where there was the gulag, there were people such as de
Beausobre who made it her personal Calvary. And where there was the most
terrible siege in human history, there were people who sang Ode to Joy to their
Nazi besiegers.”

During three decades of visiting Russia and Ukraine, Caroline Walton met some
exceptional women and men, people who had known famine, war and nuclear
disaster. Each of them underwent a process of transformation, and in doing so
they transcended their circumstances in ways that were little short of
miraculous. From a village wisewoman to survivors of the siege of Leningrad
and the Chernobyl disaster, to the family she married into, they helped Caroline
transform her own western-centric world view.”
Order from www.ypdbooks.com

“A wonderful combination of meticulous research and wide personal
experience. Caroline Walton has met so many extraordinary people in Russia
and Ukraine who have developed their cultures’ spirituality to survive the
impossible.” Dr Mary Hobson, Pushkin Medal winner.

Smashed In The USSR

Smashed in the USSR - fear, loathing and vodka on the steppes
Old Street Publishing 2013

An "extraordinary memoir"
The Big Issue

The Besieged

The Besieged - A Story of Survival

Biteback Books UK 2011

"This book isn’t just about the siege of Leningrad but an insightful and lyrical evocation of what it is to be human."

Dr Eva Chapman - author of Sasha and Olga

Voice of Leningrad

The Voice of Leningrad

Garett County Press, USA 2003

A novel set in the siege of Leningrad

Russia Through A Shot Glass

Ivan Petrov - Russia through a Shot Glass

Garrett County Press USA 

Little Tenement On The Volga

Little Tenement on the Volga

Garrett County Press USA

Life in post-independence Russia 


Memoirs of a Bukharan Jewish family who fled the USSR in the 1930s