Мне было невероятно комфортно и легко работать вместе с Каролиной

"Я безмерно счастлива, что в поисках переводчика и редактора романа моего отца, я нашла Каролину. Каролина выполняла работу по редакции перевода составленного мной. Она с большим энтузиазмом взялась за работу, и я должна признать, что именно благодаря её быстрой и эффективной работе, постоянной обратной связи и ответственному подходу к возложенной задаче, мы уложились в срок с финальным результатом. Редакция на мой взгляд выполнена безупречно! Мне было невероятно комфортно и легко работать вместе с Каролиной, и я буду рада возможности работать с ней еще в будущем!"
Camilla Shem./ Камилла Шем.

Every-inch a poet-translator

I can feel that you are every-inch a poet-translator and you enjoy doing it. I am impressed by you.
Javidan Agasoy
Azerbaijan Translation Centre under the Cabinet of Ministers

Finding Caroline was like finding the other voice within me

Finding Caroline was like finding the other voice within me Caroline's empathy and her writing style are unique - precious gifts given to only a few of us The writing is open, full of richness and intensity. It is free of judgement, simple but yet deep- reaching the core of our being - is heart moving and breath-taking.
H. N. Sydney Australia
Give Me Courage (Xoum publishing)

In Caroline Walton we found the right person

In the book Yaffa, Caroline Walton wrote the story of my mother's four-year flight from Soviet Central Asia, through the Middle East to England where she finally arrived in London in December 1936. People always said we should write my mother’s story and in Caroline Walton we feel we found the right person. The book was greatly appreciated by Yaffa’s family and friends and has gone to museums around the world.
Helena Abram
The Galatea Trust UK

Your translation is wonderful

Your translation is wonderful and the book got first prize thanks to it. Marat Akhmedjanov, publisher, Hertfordshire Press/Silk Road Media, referring to Man of the Mountains by Zaur Hasanov, in the Open Central Asia Literary Festival 2013

Fascinating stuff

Fascinating stuff - and thank you for doing it so promptly! I am very pleased with the extracts. You have translated clearly and well - the emotion, honesty and quality of the writing stand out.
Dr Mike Jones - Author of Stalingrad and Leningrad - State of Siege